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to be considered to be put on our waiting list. 

Puppy buyer questionnaire 

Please tell us something about yourself/family:





1) Number of people in family, include children’s ages_________________________________

2) Who works outside of home?_________________________How many hours?__________

3) Do you live in a house?_________or other (explain)?_____________________________

4) Do you have a fenced yard?__________________Do you have a crate?_______________

5) Have you ever raised a puppy?_________________

6) Have you ever had a lab?_______________________________________________

7) Are you prepared to care for a dog it's whole life (10-16 yrs)?__________________________

8) Would you be willing to attend obedience class if needed?______________________________

9) Do you own pets?_______What?______________Ages_______________________

10) Why do you want a lab? Pet____hunting_____obedience______other__________________

11) Where will puppy spend it’s day: outside in the yard_____outside in kennel_____inside loose_______Inside in a crate_______ other______________________________________

12) How many hours a day will puppy be alone?____________________________________

13) Where will puppy sleep at night?___________________________________________

14) Will it live in the house or outside?_________________________________________

15) Do you have a vet?___________________Will you be able to afford annual vet care and if an emergency should arise?__________________________________________________

16) Do you understand all our pet puppies are sold on a AKC Limited Registration? __________

17) We do our best to breed healthy and sound puppies. Do you understand and agree that there are no guarantees that a puppy or dog purchased

from us will be free of genetic defects?_________________________

18) Do you have a preference  Male______Female_______Doesn’t matter_________________

19) Labradors come in three colors, preference, Black___Yellow____Chocolate_____Doesn’t matter____

20) How did you hear about us?___________________________________Were you referred and by whom?_______________________________________________

To help us make the perfect match please give us an idea about your lifestyle:_____________________


Thank you for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire and for wanting to make a Belvoir Labrador a part of your family.

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These are puppies from past litters.


CH Shar-Jam Zac Posen x Belvoir Tranquil Escapade

Born 06-22-2023

Toast (aka puppy, Tater) is a very special girl. She was the last to be born in her litter of 4 and refused to come out, resulting in an emergency c section. Her siblings are a very light yellow, while she is darker. We like to say she cooked longer.

At 13 weeks, she was diagnosed with EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency). She doesn't produce the enzyme to digest fats, carbs, and proteins. There is an easy fix to this, she takes a replacement powder on her food. She is on the smaller size.

She has a ton of personality. She loves snuggles, belly rubs, and attention. She will demand the ice tax to be paid. She does very well alone or with an older dominate dog.

Current available adult dogs


Belvoir Tranquil Escapade

CH Devonshire Huckleberry Finn x CH Belvoir Party Girl (Ibiza)

Born 3-31-19

Bali is a very special girl. She is gorgeous and could easily be a champion in the ring. Unfortunately, she lacks the confidence to be shown. Bali is very sensitive and has a tender heart. We can't raise our voices around her. She has the cutest wrinkled forehead. She has had a couple of unfortunate incidents, a dog tried to attack her at the vet. She is very obedient and very sweet. She likes to have a crate to escape to. She loves to swim and play, but also will snuggle the night away with tons of kisses. She would do best by herself or depending on the temperament, maybe another older dog.

Puppies and Available Adults

​​​​​​​​​​We breed first and foremost for ourselves, looking for the perfect "show dog" to add to the family. We research pedigrees, do health clearances, and plan the best breeding possible in order to help preserve a breed we love. We only have one or two litters a year. The puppies are raised in the hustle and bustle of our home. After we make our pick, the rest of the puppies will be available to go to pet homes. They will be posted on the website and Facebook page. Occasionally we may have young adults that didn't quite make "the cut" in the show ring or retired show dogs available. Puppies will be available on limited AKC registration. The puppies would be available to approved

 homes for: yellow and black $2000 and chocolate$2500. Puppies go home at nine weeks, that includes vet puppy checkup, 2 vaccination, microchip/registered with AKC REUNITE and AKC registration, toy, blanket, a bag of food and a notebook full of their information. Once you get a puppy, you'll become part of the Belvoir family.

If you are interested in a puppy and would like to be put on the waitlist, please fill out the questionnaire. Thank you for considering a Belvoir Labrador.