Piper, Tempe, Reacher, Prim

Summer 2015

About Us

How did Belvoir Labrador get started? It really started with my husband John. In 1978, being a big duck hunter, he got his first Labrador, a black bitch named Rachael. Over the next few years, four more became members of the family. He bred Rachael, who came from show stock, to Grover’s Brown Buddy, owned by fellow Huron River Labrador Retriever Club member, Terry Bryson-Standen.  John and I married in 1985 and had our two kids, Blaire and Jay, in the next four years. We talked about getting a dog, but we both worked full time jobs. Then, one faithful Christmas eve in 1995, I fell down the stairs. OUCH! I broke my leg and would be out of work for 3 months. Hmmm…what a perfect time to get a dog. But not any dog. A Lab; Man’s best friend, loyal, gentle, smart, just wanting to please. John started scouring the papers and found the perfect puppy. On a blindingly bright Sunday morning in January, we brought home a yellow butterball named Sunny. You couldn't have asked for a better puppy! At nine months, my husband noticed a clicking in her hips. An x-ray revealed hip-dysplasia. Our contract with the breeder stated that we would get a replacement dog after either having her spayed or put to sleep. We did NOT put her to sleep. She was never in pain. Our replacement dog was a chocolate bitch, C.C. Both dogs had wonderful English show pedigrees. Both dogs passed away a few months apart from old age.

When Sunny, passed my husband and I started attending the local dog shows. In the meantime,  John started riding his bike. One day he came home excited. He said he found a house only 2 miles away that had a backyard full of labs. John started riding by there every day, wondering if they would care if he played with them. It took me four years before I was ready to get a show dog. My husband, daughter, and I started to research for a breeder. The research kept taking us to a breeder that has exceptional show quality dogs, she was the house 2 miles away! We called Banner Labradors and spoke with Nancy Chargo. Nancy has been showing her amazing dogs for over 45 years. In October 2012, we came home with a little black girl, Piper (CH Northmark Hot and Spicy Banner WC). I didn’t have a clue about showing a dog. Thankfully Nancy was there to help me get started in this crazy hobby of showing and breeding the best quality Labrador Retriever. In the short time I’ve been showing, I have been very lucky to have met some of the top breeders. I have an incredible support system and have learned so much from Nancy,  Dr. Cindy Skiba, (Epoch Labradors) and Nicole McCarthy (Piccadilly Labradors).

“Where did the name “Belvoir Labradors” come from?” Years ago, Blaire and I went to Great Britain.  One of the castles we visited was “Belvoir Castle”. Belvoir means "beautiful view" in French. There is nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous Labrador.